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  • Cabin Beds

  • Bunk Beds

  • Cots and Cribs

  • Nursery Furniture

  • Bedroom Furniture

  • Play Houses

  • Rocking Horses

As a strong, natural material, wood is ideal for nursery furniture and toys.  And best of all it doesn’t fall apart at the slightest knock.


I have experience of working on bespoke projects for nurseries and furniture from planning through to safe construction.


Give your baby the perfect start in life with a special cot or a cot bed that can last them for a few years.  Bedtimes with toddlers are bound to be much easier if they have a themed bed to snuggle into.

Or why not give your children their own space in the garden with a playhouse or tree house.  Get them involved in the planning and the only limitation is their imagination.


Explore and see for yourself - I love my work and I'm sure you will, too.


Avoid plastic and let youngsters give rein to their imaginations on these sturdy rocking horses made from birch plywood.

Available in a variety of colour combinations from natural wood to black with lovely detailing such as shaped saddles, shiny manes, tails and wooden ears.

Ideal for up to age 5.

Measurements: total height 55cm (33cm from floor to saddle), 30cm wide, 100cm long

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