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Back in 1997 I was looking for a change from my work teaching woodwork to prisoners in Norway.  


My mother suggested I take a two week break and come to England to help out her friend who was having work done on her house in Richmond in Surrey.

The two weeks turned into six and at the end of it, I found that other people liked what I did and offered me work.  So, I decided to stay and have been settled in the UK ever since.

I love working with wood – it’s a beautiful, versatile material but these days MDF and other man-made materials can be as good or even better. 


I love to work with lots of different material such as composites, plywood and even metal to create the perfect look.

I come from a long line of craftsmen including my great grandfather, grandfathers, father and my two brothers.  


And I’m now passing on my skills to my teenage son.


My great grandfather even built his own house on a beautiful site overlooking the fjord in the village of Dale on the west coast of Norway.

He didn’t have much money so had to improvise and used off-cuts of wood from his work as a barrel maker.  


He obviously did a good job as the house is still standing and my mother lived in it until she died in 2007.

In Norway wood is used widely in building our houses and for furnishings. 


Joiners have to undergo three years of training at college to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to ensure that work will meet exacting standards set out by the authorities. 


I think this fits well with my perfectionism – everything I do has to be millimetre perfect.


Frode  .




Frode has impeccable attention to detail and can provide bespoke solutions for any room in the house.



Absolutely in awe of your craftsmanship and we are just so pleased with the result!

Incredible work and will be recommending you to everyone we know!

Thank you



Our handmade utility room is amazing, garden log cabin is perfect size and very strong, floors are just exceptional -

Frode has accommodated for every detail and more.

We would highly recommend Frode for whatever bespoke solutions you are looking for. 

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