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Today the kitchen at the heart of the home and kitchen diners have become a hub for the whole family. 


Whether you want a traditional country style kitchen with a kitchen table for big family meals or a sleek modern design with an island or breakfast bar, I’ll work with you to create a design to fit any space large or small. 


Turn a mundane wall unit into an eye-catching feature simply by extending it to the ceiling. 


If you want Scandi minimalism clever storage can keep essentials hidden from view but within easy reach.

Plan, plan and plan is my top tip to make your kitchen diner work successfully for everyone.

Kitchen diners can be complicated spaces with different zones for cooking, dining, relaxation or watching TV, not to mention a play area for younger children or somewhere for older children to do their homework.

I provide an advice and design service to make your kitchen the perfect combination of a feast for the eyes and a practical space.

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